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March 2019 Newsletter


Dear Oasis Family and Friends,

Oasis Church is continuing to work on its new space for ministry. We are blessed to have members who are using their gifts and talents to do the work to bring it to completion. It is wonderful to see how God equips the church with different members, each with different and unique gifts to build the body of Christ both spiritually and materially. All of these spiritual gifts serve together to promote unity within the church and reach those who are outside while glorifying The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Some are praying, some giving sacrificially, others are overseeing, some are building with their hands and some are doing a little of all of the above. All are important and necessary. We all have one purpose and goal in this new space and that is to reach more people with the gospel and love of Jesus Christ so that they too may be saved and grow in their relationship with the Lord.

When the building is finished, we will use the new space for worship services and the current space for children and youth ministries as well as other ministries when opportunities arise. We believe that the building and spaces are tools to be used for God’s purposes, kingdom and glory. We will look for ways in which we can use them for this purpose.

Our main focus for 2019 is to be prepared and equipped to more effectively reach children and youth for Christ. We want to do all that we can to reach the next generation and teach them the truth about salvation in Jesus and how to live according to His Word. Our part is to pray, prepare, and invite and it is God’s part to draw and save them. We must do our part so that He will do His in their hearts. Oasis Church is not a “me church.” It’s not about “me, myself and I” but it is a “JOY church.” Jesus first, Others second, and You(us) third. If we keep this focus then we know that God will continue to bless.

Please pray, invite, serve, witness, give, and do all that you can to work with Oasis to tell the world about Jesus. We want to let our light shine. We want to go and tell everyone that Jesus Christ is Lord and He loves you and He alone can save and give new life and eternal life.

  • Join us and bring others to the Worship and Celebration Service on March 24th in our NEW WORSHIP SPACE. Bring a covered dish to eat and share with your Oasis family following the worship time.
  • Join us as we continue our study of REVELATION on Sunday mornings at 10 AM
  • Attend Wednesday night Bible Studies for adults, youth, and children at 6:30 PM
  • Pray for Oasis as we seek a part-time Director of Children’s Ministry
  • Give to our building fund to help us reach and teach more families with the love of God

Your Brother in Christ,
Pastor Barry Britt


Worshipping God is what we were created for. When we realize who we are and who our maker is, our natural response is to fall down and worship His awesome name. Singing songs of praise is just one great expression of our love for Jesus. In the worship ministry at Oasis Church we’ve been blessed with musicians and singers that believe in what they are singing and playing. As we move forward as a Church I’m looking ahead at new anthems of hope and praise that we can sing to our Heavenly Father. I pray the songs we sing bring joy to our God and also bring conviction to our lives. Because of the prayerful giving of tithes and offerings we are now building out our new worship space next to our current auditorium, and we are also in a place to begin upgrading some of our sound equipment. It’s an exciting time in the Lord’s church and I encourage everyone to continually pray for all those in leadership and all of those who are working hard to make the building process come together. I look forward to singing praises to the Lord Jesus with you all.

Let us continue sharing His Gospel and standing up for what’s right even when we face opposition.

Houston Britt

Fight the good fight for the true faith. Hold tightly to the eternal life to which God has called you, which you have declared so well before many witnesses.
1 Timothy 6:12

Abide Youth and Young Adult Fellowship

This past month at Abide, we took our group out to Adventure Island for a fun game of mini golf! Houston Britt was the grand winner with the best score! …until next time! We also had a successful outreach at the Mardi Gras parade at The Wharf. Our group had the chance to minister to many families by making gospel bracelets, balloon animals, and more. It was a blast watching everyone get involved and use their many gifts and talents to help out!

On Wednesday nights at 6:30 we are have begun a new study our Abide group that will teach us how the Bible came to be and who the many authors were, as well as the meaning behind each of its many books. We’ve been having an awesome time every week studying and hanging out together and we’re thrilled to see fruit that God is producing through our Wednesday night gatherings!

At the end of this month on March 31 Abide will be going out to lunch and then spending the afternoon at the Gulf Shores Zoo. We welcome any young adults and students to come with us and be a part of what God is doing through Abide! Be on the lookout for more event announcement in the future. We plan to go out together at least once a month and sometimes more! We look forward to what great plans God has ahead!
Hunter Britt