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Join us every Sunday morning at 10:00 for worship.

Beginning Sunday, June 18, we began a new sermon series entitled, How to Live a Blessed Life in a Broken World — A study of Matthew chapters 5-7, also known as the Beatitudes or the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus Christ is the author and the creator of life. If anyone knows how life should be lived it is Jesus. This world is not as it should be. It is not as it was created to be and that is why He came, to redeem us from our sins. Even though we can be saved and delivered from the penalty of sin in this world we still have to live in the presence of sin all around us. Jesus tells us how to live so that we can be blessed in a broken world until things are set back right when He returns.

Man looks at the Words of Christ and says His Words are backwards. Jesus looks at the world and says the world is backwards. If you want to go the right way with Jesus then you must go the wrong way in the world. If you want to go the wrong way with God then you will go the “right way” with the world.

The word “Blessed” – Makarios (Mak-ar-ee-os) means to be supremely blessed or well off, to experience the blessing of God in your life. Latin – Beatus – beatitude – to have divine joy, perfect happiness, inner satisfaction and sufficiency; not dependant on outward situations or circumstances.

Read Matthew 5:1-10 and let those words sink into your heart as you prepare for worship. It’s going to be a great time of worship and spiritual refreshment!

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What an amazing community of people! Very warm and welcoming atmosphere. Just what our family needed during our time here in Orange Beach.

Jennifer from Lexington, KY

Just what our family needed

Amazing pastor and staff! We didn’t prepare them for 55 extra people but they were so humble and loving. Definitely a place that hosts the presence of God!

Sean from Smyrna, TN

Humble and Loving