Barry has served as a pastor for over 20 years. He has degrees from Southeastern Bible College in Birmingham Alabama and a Doctorate of Ministry from Covington Theological Seminary.

Books by Pastor Barry Britt

Revelation Made Simple:

A Simple Verse by Verse Commentary of the Book of Revelation

For many years the book of Revelation has been neglected in our reading and in our churches. Although Christians appreciate it and believe it is the inspired and essential Word of God, it can be hard to understand. I have set out in this commentary to make the complex and mysterious book of Revelation a bit simpler and less mysterious. I believe that we will be the generation that sees all of these words come to pass. Some will view from heaven and some will view from earth. Whether we watch from above as from the stands or on Earth as from the field, there will be chaos, violence, plagues, death, and destruction. If you don’t know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord, I pray that this book will encourage you to put your faith in Him and commit your life to Him before it is too late. If you are a Christian, then I pray that this book will give you confidence in the coming of our Lord and you will begin to live your life in preparation for His imminent return.

Dream Big:

Lessons Learned from the Life of Joseph

Everyone ought to dream and dream big! The greatest regret Christians will have on judgment day is not for the things we wished we had not done but for the things we wished we had done under the direction and power of God. In this story and study you will see the dreams that God gave to a young man named Joseph and in spite of incredible criticism, painful persecution, great temptation, and just about every other imaginable difficulty, he saw his dreams come true. In this book you will discover how to get a personal dream from God and how to make it come true. Like Joseph we must be like a little dandelion that grows in the middle of the crack in the sidewalk, in the middle of a busy city. It finds enough light, enough water, and enough strength to reach for the dream and realize it for its allotted time.