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December 2017 Newsletter

Dear partners in the ministry,

I hope that you are all well and having a very merry Christmas season. We are so thankful and in awe that God the Son would leave His glory in Heaven and come to earth to be born a man and humble Himself to die on the cross to pay for our sin. There is no greater illustration of love than this. I pray that you have experienced this love in your hearts and will seek to share His love and salvation with family, friends, neighbors and everyone you meet this season and next year.


We have had some wonderful things happen in our family over the last few months. Our son Houston married our favorite daughter-in-law, Sarah Holaway Britt, on November the 18th and they are so happy. Houston is serving as our music worship leader and manages outreach for Oasis and Sarah is a wonderful companion in the ministry. Also, our son Hunter moved down from Birmingham in September and is assisting with the worship and leading our student Bible study and ministry. Lisa is still teaching the children on Sundays as well as doing all of the other amazing things that she is so good at to serve Jesus and others. I can’t describe what a blessing it is to do ministry with my family in this way.

We are not alone. God has blessed Oasis with so many people who are currently using their gifts, talents and abilities to minister faithfully every week. The members of the Oasis church family are all ready, eager, and actively serving the Lord every week. We praise the Lord that over the last few months we have seen 6 new families begin worshipping and attending small group Bible study on a regular basis and most of them have been led to join the fellowship. We opened membership in November and I have been working on all of the formal steps for Oasis to become a self-supporting SBC church. God is working every week and we are seeing His impact in peoples lives. God has positioned and fashioned Oasis to minister in a unique way that is needful for our place and time.

I ask you to please pray for the following needs. 1) People with a call and desire to work with children, 2) For God to provide an adequate space for our children’s ministry to grow, 3) For God to work through us as we reach unchurched people in our community, 4) For all of our members to become effective in witnessing to our circle of influence and to be challenged to broaden that circle, 5) For God’s help and guidance as we press forward to become a self-sufficient church that supports others and doesn’t rely on support, 6) For the spiritual growth and maturity of Oasis church, and 7) For God’s protection against the enemy’s attacks.

Thank you for your support and partnership for the past year and a half. Thank you for your prayer, your participation, and your financial contributions to make this ministry and church plant possible. I ask you to please continue to pray for us and to consider making a year end contribution that will propel Oasis Church into the next year, ready for new areas and opportunities for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. No contribution is too small and every gift will go to spread the work of the gospel. To give you can go to click HERE and follow the giving instructions or you may send a check to:

Oasis Church
4700 Main Street, Suite N201
Orange Beach, AL. 36561          

*Be sure and write the check to our watch-care church “FBGS” or “First Baptist Gulf Shores” and at the bottom write for: “Oasis Church”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Barry, Lisa, Houston, and Hunter Britt


November 2017 Newsletter

Dear partners in the ministry,

                   Today is November 10, 2017. Fall is here and Thanksgiving is in two weeks, so I wanted to give an update on what the Lord has been doing at Oasis and in our lives for these last few months as well as the last two years. We have so much to be thankful for! First, I am thankful that God has allowed me to be His servant in the start of Oasis Church. I am so thankful for the many people who have been a part of this new Kingdom work. For my wife Lisa, who is my love and co laborer in this endeavor and our sons Houston and Hunter, who are using their amazing gifts to serve the Lord alongside us. I am thankful for the people who God assembled together by His Spirit to immediately attend and serve with us from the beginning. Some have moved on and some are still with us. I am grateful for both! Also for those who came and helped clean, paint, build, and construct during the beginning and since.

I am thankful for the SBC network of churches and administration that cooperates together for ministry and missions. Through the work of the Southern Baptist Convention and their desire to plant new churches to reach lost and unchurched people, God has birthed Oasis Church. I am thankful that the North American Mission Board, the Alabama State Board of Missions, The Baldwin Baptist Association all worked together to search for men willing and led of the Spirit to do this work and for God working in my heart to give me this call. I am thankful for FBC Gulf Shores for being our sponsor church, East Pointe Baptist for being a supporting church, Spring Valley, FBC Pinson, for being a praying church and FBC Lillian, for supplying our need for equipment and chairs. I am so thankful for fellow believers, brothers and sisters in Christ who prayed and some sacrificially gave financially and materially to help us start when we had nothing but a command to go! Through you the Lord supplied a place to live, work, and financial gifts to pay the bills and buy groceries. I know I am leaving a church or someone out of this list because there are so many to thank. Please forgive me and THANK YOU! The Lord knows.

I am thankful to God for the work of the Holy Spirit and His word in the lives of thousands of people that we have been able to minister to in this special and unique location. Thankful for the seeds sown, the souls saved and the lives changed through the outreach ministries to vacationers and event attenders at the Wharf. I am thankful, so very thankful, for the local residents that God is sending to become faithful, growing, maturing and serving disciples of Jesus Christ at and through Oasis Church. It is because of Christ promise to “Build His Church,” and His work through you, His people, that we are becoming an established local church. Please pray for us as we continue to take the necessary and formal steps to become a fruitful and faithful local church at this time.

I am thankful to be a member of the church, the body of Christ and have seen over these last two years what these verses look like in the flesh.

For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ. — 1 Cor 12:12 NKJV

Happy Thanksgiving and may God richly bless you with His grace and peace through Christ our Lord,

Barry, Lisa, Houston, and Hunter Britt

Here’s a short slide show looking back over the past year.

August Newsletter

Dear partners in the ministry,

The busy vacation season is slowing down here, and I hope and pray that the Oasis Church Family has made the most of it and shared seeds of the gospel with as many people as we could. Our most effective ministry was what I called “Walk in Wednesdays.” Every Wednesday night at the Wharf during summer it’s children’s night when they encourage families to come and shop by offering special events for the kids. We used this opportunity to set up at Oasis and give away balloons, offer refreshments and crafts with the kids while engaging people about their spiritual beliefs and relationship with God. Every week we saw God work in a special way. Sometimes we could share the plan of salvation or sow little seeds and other times we were able to encourage and pray with and refresh other believers.

As the season changes our methods change, but as always the message is the same —  Salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone. We are gearing up for ministry to the more permanent residents and our winter guests as they return from the northern states. One thing about ministering here is learning the culture and the culture is in constant change mode. Every month there are new guests, big events, new residents, and people coming and going. It is both a challenge and a blessing. I wonder if this is the kind of ministry atmosphere that the Apostle Paul experienced when he was in Rome, such a transient and busy place.

I have made a list of what is happening at and through Oasis Church over the next few weeks so you can partner and pray with us as we expect God to do great things for His glory. Our goal is to be a simple but complete church family with the main things as the main things. We try to incorporate worship, discipleship, evangelism, ministry, and fellowship in all we do, to be a church that exalts Jesus, edifies the family of God and evangelizes the lost.

Wednesday, August 16 — Women’s get together at the Britt’s at 7:00 PM. Join the ladies as we get together for coffee, deserts and preview the new Bible study; “How to have a Mary Heart in a Martha World.”
Sunday, August 20th — Cookout and swim party for everyone at Jim and Liz’s home following the worship service.
Sunday, August 20th, 10:00 AM — Join as we celebrate The Lord’s Supper and begin a new Sunday series entitled, “Unchained Joy,” a study of the Book of Philippians
Tuesday,  August 22nd, 6:00 PM — Youth ages 12-21 will kick off a new weekly time of worship, Bible study, and fellowship
Wednesday, August 23rd, 6:00 PM at Oasis Church at the Wharf
Men’s Bible study — The Book of Nehemiah
Women’s Bible Study –- “How to Have a Mary Heart in a Martha World”
Children’s Bible Study –- Children will learn new Bible lessons and stories.
Tuesday, August 29th, 5:30 PM — Gulf Shores Middle School service ministry.
Sunday, September 3rd — Labor Day Street Party at the Wharf. We will be serving and sharing the love of Jesus Christ at the big event.

For more information you can visit us at

Finally, we are so excited that our son Hunter has just moved down to serve with us at Oasis. Pray for him as he adjusts and finds what the Lord has for him here. Also, Houston and Sarah as they plan and prepare for their wedding in November.

Thank you for your concern and prayer for our family and the ministry of Oasis Church!

May God richly bless you with His grace and peace through Christ our Lord, Amen.

Barry, Lisa, Houston, and Hunter Britt

A River Ministry

Dear partners in the ministry,

Last week I got a little discouraged. After serving as a pastor in traditional church settings for over 20 years there were things that I began to miss. I missed the steady long-term relationships that develop. When you pastor a church for a long time you make lifetime relationships that grow even generationally. You may even have the privilege of leading someone to Christ, conducting their wedding, dedicating their babies and in time even conducting their babies wedding, if you are there long enough. I missed the security of a piece of land with a permanent building dedicated to the meeting place of the members with its designated spaces for children, youth and adults, worship, eating, playing, etc. I missed the organized ministry teams that focus on a specific area of ministry and see that all in that realm is taken care of. These are all things that take years to develop and are strong positives of an established local church.

As I reflected on past blessings and began to get a little sad the Lord showed me something in my spirit while driving to share my weekly message with the Beach Club residents. Pastoring a traditional local church is kind of like ministering in a lake while planting a new church or ministry is more like ministering in a river. In a lake things remain relatively the same and change slowly. There will be some new fish, ducks, turtles, etc. that come in periodically and there will be some that fly away or slip over the dam. However, in a river the fish, ducks, turtles and water is always moving and changing. In a lake, you can invest years of discipleship and ministry in a group of people but in a river, you may only have minutes to share the gospel or plant a seed or help someone to the next step in their walk with Jesus. The Lord is showing me that both ministries are important and have a place in the kingdom. I believe the river is the place where most of the lost and unchurched believers are living their lives today and that is where God has called me and my family to serve or “fish” for now. It has been an exciting adventure and every week is a new surprise. Literally every week we are seeing fruit from being in this unique position. There are locals that come to worship and serve regularly and they are both precious and faithful as they join with us as a new body of believers called Oasis Church. They too immediately take on a river ministry mentality and it has been so fun to serve with them!

We are so blessed and thankful for those of you who have partnered with us in this new work. I cannot express enough our appreciation for First Baptist Gulf Shores for being our sponsor church; Spring Valley Baptist Church in Springville Al. for being our praying church; Eastpointe Baptist Church in Spanish Fort for supporting us with a financial gift each month for 2017; the NAMB and Al. State Board of missions for the start up support; and the incredible individuals who have so richly blessed us through financial gifts, prayer and help over these last 15 months.

Check out our new website to see what’s going on. Also like us on Facebook at Oasis Church at the Wharf and watch one of our services live or recorded.

Thank you for being our friends, partners, and encouragers as we serve in this new ministry!

Barry, Lisa, and Houston Britt


This coming Wednesday night, June 14, we are having an open house for the visitors at the Wharf. We will have balloons and crafts for the kids and refreshments for all. Come by and hang out for a little while from 5:30-7:30 pm.