Announcements, From the Pastor

Coronavirus Update

John 16-33

Dear Oasis Church Family,

We have been watching the news about the coronavirus and prayerfully considering whether or not to suspend our regular Wednesday and Sunday gatherings. At this time, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) is recommending that groups with 50 or more not meet to curb the chance of the virus spreading. As of today, we plan to continue to have our regular Bible studies and worship services. We will continue to monitor the news, reports and recommendations of our state and local leaders. If there becomes a restriction directing us not to gather then we will stop meetings but will share our worship services online. The situation is changing literally by the day and even hour, so standby for changes and updates. Our concern is not only for the spiritual health of our church family but also for our physical health. We do not want anyone to get the coronavirus or any other disease.

PLEASE KNOW: Your attendance should be based on your own personal choice, current health condition and risks factors. If you are sick or have any symptoms of illness, if you have recently been in an area that has been substantially affected by the virus, if you have any of the high risk factors for the virus gravely affecting you or those you bring with you, if your doctor has advised you against, or if you just don’t feel comfortable coming to church gatherings at this time because of the ADPH recommendations or personal reasons, we strongly encourage you to stay home and worship with us online. We feel that as long as we are able and it does not pose a definite risk we need to gather together as a church for prayer, fellowship and worship. It is times like this we most need the Lord and one another. Remember, you can stay home and watch our Sunday service live or later on Facebook. If you have any needs during this difficult time please let us know, and we will do all that we can as your church family to help you.

God is in control and we will get through this with His grace and with our loving fellowship with one another. This is a time for prayer and to show the love of Christ with each other and the world. In John 16:33 Jesus promised that in this world we would have tribulation but that we could have peace and joy in Him because we know that He has overcome the world and all of its difficulties. Pray for one another, call, text and check on one another. Let us be the light in this dark time.

Thank you and God’s blessings be upon us all,